About Us

"it has to start somewhere, it has to start somehow, what better place than here, what better time than now" - Rage Against The Machine

It began 20 years ago when one of the founders of Emjati started playing Magic: The Gathering. The game became an important part of his life and at this point it still is. Fast Forward to 2017 when Simon met Pieter. Both where looking for something they can do in their spare time involving something they loved. At that point Emjati was born. Simon always wanted to buy the ‘perfect’ price at the correct price from someone he could trust. The idea of starting their own little shop started growing. Now 3 years later they are the proud founders of Emjati. 


You can define us as a trustworthy partner in your search for the card you want or the cards you need to complete your own deck or even your own collection. We are thrilled we can help you by offering a wide selection of both Magic The Gathering as Flesh And Blood cards. 

Our Team

These are the guys that make sure the cards you order ship as soon as possible. They take time and effort in grading the cards so you can be sure you buy the cards in the condition they are listed. In overall you can say they are glad to be part of your quest in building the ultimate deck or collection.

Pieter Vaes

Simon Schoofs

Jasper Peeters