Emjati Eternal weekends 2023

Hi fellow cardslingers

We are happy to announce our Emjati’s Eternal Weekends for 2023. For 2023 we have some new additions! Offcourse, your beloved formats are here to stay. We will play modern, legacy, vintage, old school and CEDH. We will do 4 eternal weekends in 2023. One tournament during each quarter. For more info on our upcoming event be sure to check out the upcoming event page. 

What is new? Find out here!

New location

First of all we added an new location! 3 of our tournaments will be played at ‘De Kolonisten’ in Turnhout, our home base for the Emjati Eternal weekends. 

The new location will be in Leuven in collaboration with ‘Demo spel’. We are very happy to announce this new place. Together with this new location we added new formats for this weekend: 2 headed- commander, pioneer and pauper. 

League system

We also want to tell you that in 2023 we start with a league system. We will be looking for a Emjati Eternal Weekend Champion 2023 for each format (modern, legacy, vintage, old school and CEDH) we play during the 4 weekends. So after 4 weekends each format will have 1 winner. She or he will receive an exclusive playmat, made only for the winner of this league. So may the odds be ever in your favor!

For more info be sure to check out our league page

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